Timothy Discount Details

Bring a student between the age of 13-17 and they will have free admission. Our goal is to have one student tag along with one adult for the weekend. The idea behind this is to be intentionally about raising up the next generation of leaders. One man can bring one male student free of charge. A sweet 2 for 1 deal that will ensure someone in the following generation to hear God’s Truths and see a godly example of what a man is.


If you want to register this student, please sign yourself up, then click the “add person tab”. After filling out the student’s information, you will continue to purchase tickets. (Student ticket will be free.)


This is not to be used for a student that is attending the conference by themselves. The Timothy Discount is designed for a student accompanying an adult for the express purpose of discipleship. We will be checking at the door, in the event that someone does use this ability wrongful and you will be asked to pay full admission.